Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aleah And Sophie's 1st Birthday Party

  I decided not long after Christmas that we were gonna throw the girls a sailor birthday party. A sailor outfit Santa brought  them for Christmas inspired my idea. The outfit just so happened to be 12 month.
  We started with these cute invitations. One of our good friends Jason made these. So adorable! My mom picked out the bottle that my little Aleah is holding on the right. We sent out our cute little invitations in these cute little bottles. The bottles were one of my favorite little details for this party.

    Josh made the girls a boat so we could take pictures of them playing in it at their party. He is such a good daddy. He did such a great job on it!

  Isn't he just so precious! I am thankful for such a good man.

   He worked very hard on this boat. Those little girls are so blessed!

 Almost finished! He is testing it out for them!
   Didn't he do such a great job! I am so proud of this boat!
   Aleah would not wear her hat. No matter how many times I tried to put it on her.
   She would just get so upset. I had to let her have her way since it was her birthday party.
   We got some really cute pictures of them in their boat. It's difficult to get them to both look and smile.
   These have got to be the cutest sailors ever!
   While Josh was busy making a boat I was busy making sailor hats for everyone to decorate with stickers.

   We had to try them on to make sure they looked okay.

   Everyone really seemed to like them. Even the adults were wearing them and some of them even decorated them!
   This is the treasure chest that Josh and I made to use for the time capsule. Everyone brought something to put in it for Aleah and Sophie to open when they turn 21. Beside it is a picture of them when they were just a few days old. Look how much they have changed!

   They had so many presents. I am still trying to find a place for everything.
   Josh and his sister Melanie set up everything. I had to go get the girls and bring them to their party.
   They really did such a nice job decorating and setting it up.

   This is the blue ocean punch Josh made. It has fish and octopi in it. Gummy ones of course!

     This is the party favor table. I love the way this table was set up! It looks great!
   My favorite part about the entire thing was this lovely cake! I was so proud of it. I of course didn't make it!
   See the little sailboats say SS Aleah and SS Sophie! It was so detailed. Even the smash cakes were little life preservers!
   They are eating a pieces of a sandwich I didn't want the only thing they ate to be cake.
    Of course we had special bibs made by their Aunt Meme just for them to eat cake in. She spoils them!

   They also have bloomers made by their Aunt Meme but you can't see them in any of these pictures.
   Sophie wasn't real sure what to do with this cake, but Aleah knew exactly what to do!
   Still no hit. She just had her hands on top.
   Aleah is eating it up.
   Sophie thought it was better used as a pillow. She was tired at this point anyway.
     Okay there she goes! She figured it out.

   Aleah is still going strong!
   A little break. I think so!
   You can't even read their bibs anymore. Oh no! How will we ever tell them apart?

    For some reason Sophie was really blue and Aleah was really red. They had the exact same cake with the same icing. The only difference was name.

    One last bite!
    They really do love us!
     Sophie's face had been wiped of a few times because she kept getting cake in her nose! Of course my mom was freaking out and didn't want her not to be able to breathe.
   Daddy loves his girls! They love him too!
   Now it's time for presents!

    Aleah is trying to take something from Sophie! They are so tired at this point!

    Josh had to go ahead  and open these baby dolls because they both wanted to play with them.
 These cute dresses were made by their Aunt Meme! She is so talented I tell you what. She also made beach towels for them with their letter.
    My baby walking around! What a big girl!
   I think everyone is having fun!

    Josh and both of our moms!

   All the kids had fun in the boat. Even the big kids enjoyed it!

   The girl with their oldest cousin!
     Jack really enjoyed his party favor I believe!
    Sisterly love!

    Jason was on it with the picture taking! He took over 700! Wow!

   More sisterly love!
   Well that's it for their first birthday party. Man this past year flew by. I just can't get over them turning one already. They are still suppose to be tiny and just a few days old! Anyway, I would have to say first birthday party was a big success. Thank God because it sure was stressful and exhausting, but it was fun and worth it!