Friday, July 15, 2011

Umm Excuse Me? Where Did My Babies Go?

   Seriously what happened to my tiny babies? Last year at this time my babies where so tiny. They ate every two hours. They had me up at all hours of the night. In ways they were much easier. It was easier to pick them both up because they weighed 1/5th of what they do now. It was easier for me to get things done because they slept a lot more and I could just set them down in their bouncy seats or pack-n-play. They didn't move around like they do now that's for sure. Now I am constantly saying no and chasing them around. At least now they sleep through the night. Even though I feel like they are a lot harder to take care of now that they are mobile and into EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING, I wouldn't change them for the world. They are so much fun! Everyday I get so excited seeing all the new things they can do. They never cease to amaze me. They are so eager to learn. I love teach them. There is no better reward than seeing them do something new. I am so thankful for them! As much as they drive me crazy at times, I would never change anything about this life! They make me so happy. Even though I miss those tiny little newborns. At times I even miss being pregnant and their little kicks and hiccups. I wouldn't change this for anything! Just today Sophie sat in the floor for about 10 minutes stacking blocks and, when we were on the way to the grocery store she was turning the pages in her book and rambling as if she were actually reading. Aleah has a new thing where she stamps her feet during "If your happy and you know it". She used to clap the whole time and now she stamps her feet! It's too cute!  I am so very proud of them! Yeah I miss those babies but this whole toddler thing is so much fun! Here are a couple of pics of them from last year and a couple of pics of them from today:

Aleah almost 15 months old!

Aleah almost 3 months old!

Sophie almost 3 months old!

Sophie almost 15 months old!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jack's 3rd Birthday

   Our little Jack is growing up to be such a big boy. He even got to drink water out of a big boy cup on his birthday! I am in total disbelief that he turned 3. I guess it's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun!
   Meme planned an awesome birthday party for Jack if I do say so myself. It was called "Camp run-a-muk"! There were smores, swimming, trail mix, a pinata and more! It was such an awesome party for such an awesome 3 year old little boy!
Jack with his new bike!
Look at this awesome cake!
So detailed!
Even the inside of the cake is awesome!
Jack blowing out his candles!
Happy Campers!
Melanie is so artistic! She did such an awesome job on this party!
Aleah and me enjoying the party!
Sweet mama and her big boy!
Kelly taking a pic of Josh!
Josh taking a pic of Kelly!
Tired Al!
Sk and her sucker!
My poor babies were long over due for a nap!
What kind of party would it be without a pinata!

   What a great party! I still can't get over Jack turning 3! He is growing up too fast! I am so happy we got to spend time with Jack and the whole family last week. It was a much needed vacation for all of us. Now I just need a vacation minus the babies. If only.....

Vaction to Cushing Park

   July 5th the girls and I went to Canton, Ga to a place called Cushing Park. We were welcomed by Uncle Dan, Auntie Meme, Auntie Kk, G and Jack Blu. They had been there for a couple of days before we got there. We had a nice vacation leading up to the day of Jack's 3rd birthday party at the end of the week. Josh of course was at work for the first few days, but he came up for the last part of the week.
    Kk and G stayed at the pool all day everyday. Which is where I would've been too, but Al and Sk have to have their two naps everyday or Mama will go crazy dealing with two cranky babies all day. Anyway, here are a few pics from our fun-filled vacation!

All the girls and Jack at the pool

Look at this cutie!

This little mermaid spent her days here at this pool!

Sweet smiles!

Presh! Kissing cousins!

This is mini me! She was attached to me the entire time!

Al thought she could just run back and forth by the pool!

Kk and Al taking a dip!

Sk had to take a break and eat some gold fish!

That's my hunny!

Chill time! Playing on our iphones!

Pretty girls!

There was a play ground here too!

That tongue always peeking out!

Again with the tongue!

Sk looks just like me here!

Our precious little family!

How cute is she in her little life jacket!

This girl loves to swing! She would sit here all day!

Yep! This is how we roll to the pool! Pack-n-play and all!
Sk loves to sit and play in her own little pool!

   As you can tell we had a blast! I was glad to come home and get back in a routine but honestly I could've stayed forever. I'm kind of sad it's over!
   Next I will have pics from Jack's birthday so stay tuned. You're gonna wanna see his awesome cake!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July 2011

   This is about to be a bunch of pictures from the 4th of July! We also had a little mini birthday party for my niece Savannah. She turned 8 on the 3rd. We had so much fun that day. We had two kiddie pools, sprinklers, a slide and water table set up under a canopy. The kids had so much fun!

Aren't their ruffles cute?
This girl can never be still!

Happy 4th Mommy!
Look at that sweet face!
Savannah and Seth playing while the girls were napping!
My sweet mama and the girls!
Poor baby was still sleepy!
Sophie really liked Seth!
Sweet girls!
Birthday girl!

They had so much fun!

Savannah and Seth with Savannah's birthday cake and cupcakes!
My brother Jeremiah and Savannah!
Sweet cousins!
So tired after a long day!
She's laying in front of the tv watching Barney with a spoon in her hand!
  The girls had so much fun playing with their sweet cousins on the 4th of July! That night after they went to bed I had to pack because the next day we went on Vacation and celebrated my nephew Jack's birthday! Pics soon to come!