Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Filled Summer Day

  Okay back to nowadays. Yesterday, Josh had the day off so we took the girls to the park for the first time (with exception of when they were newborns and well you know how that goes). They had so much fun! They were too little to really play with most of the things but there were baby swings and the girls really just enjoyed running/walking around the park.
   Their sweet little smiles enjoying the swings really melts my heart! I just can't believe what big girls they are becoming more and more each day!

This was their first actual time to a park with their cousins Jack and Grace! 2 months
Al having so much fin walking around

Daddy sliding with Al

Sk playing tic tac toe

Mommy sliding with Sk

    Then when we got home they girls took a nap. When they woke up they ate a snack and we filled their swimming pool up and let them play in the pool while Josh grilled some chicken and pork chops for dinner! Oh how I love these days! We try to do fun things the days Josh is off work.

Al climbed into her water table!

Watching daddy lighting up the grill

After the pool... She was getting so mad that she kept falling over trying to eat her foot!

    What a wonderful day we had! I love summer! This is what it's all about!!

First Day

   Okay, so I was thinking that since I didn't start this blog until Aleah and Sophie were almost one, that I would go back and write about all their firsts. I missed out of a whole year of important things worth blogging about. One day I want them to be able to read this and see their whole lives and all those wonderful memories. So I will start with their first day.
   It was Saturday April 24, 2010 around 9:30 pm, Josh and I were watching House "Knight Fall" and my water suddenly broke. We were in shock because I still had two weeks before I was suppose to get induced. We figured if I had made it this far carrying twins than, I would make it until they decided to induce. Boy were we wrong. Josh called the hospital and told them to be expecting us. We were running around the house trying pack a bag for the hospital. Josh went out to put the car seats in the car. We finally got it together and we were on our way.
   The car ride was miserable for me because the contractions were strong and apparently I had been having them all day and didn't know that's what they were. The hospital was only 15 minutes away from our house. We arrived there around 11 pm. Thankfully because I needed something for the pain. We had several friends arrive sometime later and they stayed in the waiting room the whole night. My mom got the at about 4:30 am from Mobile, Al. I had called her right after my water broke and she got ready and drove in the middle of the night 4 hours to be there.

  At 8:38 am on April 25, 2010, my first little bundle of joy decided to make her entrance to the world. Aleah Lucille Bartlett had arrived and weighed 5lbs 1oz and was 18 inches in length. Three minutes later at 8:41 am Sophie Kay Bartlett joined us. She weighed 4lbs 15oz and was also 18 inches long. From that moment I knew I was in love. They complete me. They complete us!

Aleah Lucille Bartlett

Sophie Kay Bartlett
Our first family photo!
Best Friends!
They day we went home!

     I know this is over a year later but I really just wanted to tell their whole story staring from the beginning of their lives! And also I wanted to thank all of the very special people in our lives who came out that night and over the three days we were in the hospital! Every one of you made the first few days of their lives very special for us! We love you guys!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Quick Trip To Decatur

    We went to Decatur a couple of weekends ago for this pretty little girl's dance recital. She is so talented! I really enjoyed watching the whole recital. It brought back memories from when I was little. I can't wait to get Al and Sk in dance classes. Speaking of Al and Sk, they were the most well behaved babies I have ever seen at the recital. They sat through about half the show without making a peep. They actually enjoyed watching the show. I am one proud mommy. I am also a proud aunt! Grace was AWESOME!!!
  While we were in Decatur we celebrated Josh's Memaw's 84th birthday. To look at her you would never think she was 84. She is such a sweet person. I am so glad we got to be there for her birthday! We had a little cook out to celebrate. After we ate we took Aleah, Sophie, and Grace outside and let them play in the sprinklers. It was so sweet to watch the girls play with their older cousin. G is so good with them. The only thing that was missing that day was Jack! He stayed home with his daddy so he could go to one of his little friend's birthday party.  

   On the last day there we went to our friend Tracy's pool. She was such a sweetheart to have us over. This was the first time Al and Sk had been in a big pool since they were about 3 months. Last year we took them swimming when they were tiny little things. They weren't even big enough for floats. Look at those sweet faces. They really enjoyed our day at the pool.
   Grace and I had lots of fun jumping in the pool. I was trying to get her to jump in the deep end but she wasn't quite ready for that. She did however swim out to the deep end. I am very proud of her. Aren't these two so precious!
   Of course Al and Sk had to take a break to eat a snack. We brought their pack and plays so we could put them down for a nap. We set them up on the patio under the ceiling fans. They actually never went to sleep but they were really good and rested for a while.

  This is after a long, hard day swimming!