Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recap of 2011

As I look at all these pictures I realize just how much Al and Sk have grown over last year. It's bittersweet!


Rolling Toomer's after the National Championship game! Making History! WDE!



This was their first time to the Beach!


 I love these little cake faces! I can't believe I am already planning their second birthday!

First Easter!










Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

We went to spend Christmas with my mommy and family this year. 
This is my twin cousins holding my twin babies! My Grandaddy has been asking for a pic of the 4 of them.
 Sk loves this hat she got from her Nana and Grandaddy.
 These are outfits I made them and gave them for Christmas! Cute huh?
 The girls playing with their big cousin Brooke.
 I feel like I was always running around doing something the whole time we were there and I really didn't get many good pics. I don't even have any of Mom and Grandaddy.
 This is me and my big sister. We made dinner together and talked about my daddy. We even made up a new shot!!
 They are waiting to go see my Grammy. I am so happy these three got to meet her. It had been several years since I had seen her.
 Al fell asleep waiting. As much as we try to keep them on regular schedule traveling always messes up their schedule.
 Sk hugging the rocking horses Nana gave them. They are scared of them. Haha!
 This was back home. They love their chairs Santa brought them. I just had to share this cute pic.
I wish I would have taken more pics of everyone. I just get so busy with the girls but I have to do better.