Monday, June 4, 2012

2nd Birthday Pics

   Okay guys, I promised to post more pics from Al and Sk's Barney Birthday Bash so here it goes:)

Check out their shoes! I love their style!

This one was attached to her daddy all day.

Daddy with his precious baby girls!

Sweet face!

Bless her. She is mad bc we wouldn't give her a cupcake.

Jack and Grace!
Aunt Kk and Sk!


This was when we were singing happy birthday. She was kicking and having a little fit lol.  Poor baby!

I had to help baby Al blow her candles out!

Daddy helped baby Sk!

She finally got that cupcake she had been waiting for all day!

Nom nom!

Thinking hard.

They really love Elmo! Thanks Aunt Heather!

Seth helped them open presents! Such a sweet big cousin!

Of course mommy helped too:)

This sweet girl is always trying to share:)

My sweet family! LOVE!!

We are cute! 

Jack and G swimmin'...

Do you like their matching raincoats? I am loving those bellies hehe!!

I could just eat them up I love them so!

Silly daddy/ Uncle J!
Sk helping her self to a snack before bed!

She is looking for something to get in to....

Loving their jammies that they got for their birthday!

   Well folks, that just about sums up my babies' 2nd birthday party (tear). I will post a video of the birthday song as soon as I track it down. I was a slacker and hardly took any pics myself this year, much less a video. I am a lucky gal to have such a sweet SIL for taking all these wonderful pics for me. Thanks Kk!

   Folks, throwing a party is hard work. I struggled getting every thing finished by the time the party started. Thank goodness for the wonderful friends and family I have for helping me finish everything up as they arrived to the party. Hopefully, they won't all be scared to come back next year for fear I'll put them to work haha!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Barney Birthday Bash

   Hi all!! I'm sorry I have been gone for sooooo long. I just get busy and caught up chasing two year olds. Boy, do they run me ragged! Anyway, I have decided that since half the year is almost over (wow!) that I would make a half year resolution to blog once weekly. My girls are growing up WAY too fast! I need to document these precious moments before they are grown up and start driving and high school and college AHHHHHH! Why does time seem to fly even faster when you have children?

 Okay on with the post! My little Frick and Frack turned two about a month ago. Seriously, weren't they just born yesterday? Haha! So I decided to have a Barney birthday bash since they LOVE Barney or "Bop" as they call him. 

Made by yours truly  for my special little angels. Sis in law did the applique. Check out our shops. You can get to hers from her blog. 

Timeline from birth until now.


Tissue paper flower garland found on Pinterest

 See those little cuties? They are my nephews!

 Party favors!

This was a quick wreath I made a couple of hours before the party.

This idea also came from pinterest

She gets one too!

Labels and cupcake toppers that we made! I ordered these and the invitations from Nevindigiprints on etsy. She was awesome to work with. 

These water bottle labels were ordered from Nevindigiprints too!

Josh, my bf Heather and I made this cupcake stand. I got the idea from pinterest but changed it up a bit. I used some items from our stash of recyclables that our recycle center doesn't take:/ I was happy to give those items another life!

Do you see that hand at the bottom? Poor baby (Sk) tried so hard to get a cupcake! 

Homemade (from a box hehe!) cupcakes. Heather helped!

We had pb and j's (Barney's favorite), ham and cheese sand, (skinny) taco dip, rainbow fruit tray, a veggie tray and spinach cheese balls
Birthday girls!

    I have lots more pics from this awesome partay but I think I will save that for the next post. For now I hope you enjoyed all the decor and food pics! Oh and especially those sweet little faces at the end!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I swear between taking care of two year old's, sewing, cleaning, cooking and everything else I never find time to blog. It makes me sad. I just don't understand how all these other mom's out there have time. What is wrong with me? Ugh! However, I always find time to take pics of my little sweeties. I even upload pics to Facebook all the time. I guess just be glad I can't blog from my phone because I would have so many post on here haha! Maybe one day they will make a good app for that. In the meantime, here are some pics of my little ladies at their best.
Ha ha! She is so silly! She calls her pacifier her "Wa Wa". I have no clue where that came from.

I am sorry I look awful in these pics but I had to show the bow Sk put in my hair....

.....And the "hat" Al put on my head!!

They love their Daddy!!

Little Diva wearing her mama's rings!!

This is the newest dress I've made. She loves it!!

This one actually cried and pitched a fit when I tried to put that dress on her.

She would not take this dress off all day!!

Al loves to stack blocks! Bless her heart though. Sk loves to knock them over!!