Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I swear between taking care of two year old's, sewing, cleaning, cooking and everything else I never find time to blog. It makes me sad. I just don't understand how all these other mom's out there have time. What is wrong with me? Ugh! However, I always find time to take pics of my little sweeties. I even upload pics to Facebook all the time. I guess just be glad I can't blog from my phone because I would have so many post on here haha! Maybe one day they will make a good app for that. In the meantime, here are some pics of my little ladies at their best.
Ha ha! She is so silly! She calls her pacifier her "Wa Wa". I have no clue where that came from.

I am sorry I look awful in these pics but I had to show the bow Sk put in my hair....

.....And the "hat" Al put on my head!!

They love their Daddy!!

Little Diva wearing her mama's rings!!

This is the newest dress I've made. She loves it!!

This one actually cried and pitched a fit when I tried to put that dress on her.

She would not take this dress off all day!!

Al loves to stack blocks! Bless her heart though. Sk loves to knock them over!!


  1. awwwww! Such cute pics! I have missed your posts...I don't know how you do what you do lady! Just keep up the good work:)

  2. Jarah I don't find time to blog ...I steal time to blog. LOL You can bet if I have a lot of post one week something is behind. Be it sleep, dishes , or something. With our kids being the age they are it is hard to do "us" things. Our lives are crazy, fun, choatic, always entertaining and always packed in to the very last minute. There is nothing wrong with you so don't feel sad. You do a great job all around! Right now I am planning K's birthday party with two sick kiddos so I doubt I will be blogging much at all. Soon though. Love all the pics!