Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dress up

As I was getting the girls ready for bed tonight they found the box of dress up clothes I had stored in their room. I have made it a tradition to buy Halloween costumes they day after Halloween so I could build up a nice collection of dress up clothes for the girls. I loved playing dress up when I was little. I don't know why I hadn't got them out for the girls by now. I should have known they would like playing dress up. They love putting on clothes, shoes, hats, and bows. Well, usually Al prefers to wear a hat or bow and shoes only. She's not a big fan of actual clothes. Sk on the other hand loves to wear anything. She will put on her daddy's shirts and ties, my shoes, her everyday clothes. She doesn't care. She just loves to dress up. So of course she was as happy as a hornet when she saw tutus, dresses, and hats galore all in one box. Al was the first one to bring a tutu over and make me put it on her. Fairy wings were the hit of the night for both girls. They both pitched a fit when I took them off to put them to bed, but not before I snapped a few pics!

They like to bump knuckles and give each other high fives!

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