Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To the Park and Back All in One Piece

I have really been trying to get these girls outside everyday especially since it's getting warmer out. Here's the thing my yard sucks. It's tiny but that I can work with. We are currently in a duplex so technically we share a yard. My neighbor has a dog so there is poop everywhere. That I can't work with. I can deal with changing diapers but I refuse to deal shoes covered in dog poo. In the words of Al and Sk, YUCK! Sadly, I have had to wash some shoes off. So point being going out in our yard is not ideal. We are moving soon by the grace of God! We do have some awesome parks around here though. Whenever Josh is off we always go to one of the parks. So that's what twice a week. Sunday I decided I needed to get over myself and take my girls to the park by myself. It was scary but we survived. It's really hard to make two almost two year old's both stay right beside you at all times. Well it's hard for me anyway. Al wanted to run off and explore everything. Sk wanted to slide over and over and over. There were a lot of people at the park on Sunday. These two 8 or 9 year old's jumped in front of Al and Sk on the slide and almost knocked them over. The parents were standing right there and didn't say a word to them. I mean really? It was the toddler play area. If your older kids want to play on the baby things that's fine but at least teach them to be easy around little ones. Sorry I had to vent. I am protective of my babies. 

I am sure you noticed the pigs in the pics. Al had to have both of them. She is so silly. Anyway, I am so glad we went. The girls had a blast and so did I. I liked it so much I even took them the very next day but to a different park. Now that I know I can handle it, I will start taking them more often. Two year old's don't scare me. Well actually they kind of do haha! Oh and here is a video of the girls swinging:

See I've got this!!

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