Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

Christmas morning was so much fun. The girls really had no clue what was going on but they were so excited.

 We couldn't fit everything under the tree. Some things we had to just put in the living room floor.
 Josh and I both kept saying how pretty our tree was this year. The stairs leading up to the tree was my favorite part of our house!
 I have a video of the girls walking up the stairs and seeing all their presents. I will post it later.
 They both got on their "cars" first thing as expected.
 The girls were not even interested in opening their presents but they were interested in their toys underneath all that wrapping paper.
 Daddy had so much fun playing with his little girls.
 Dr. Sk at your service.
 Both the girls loved their stockings more than anything. They wanted to hold all the candy canes.
 I had to take the stockings and candy canes and hide them so they would open the rest of their presents.
 I can't believe Christmas is already over. The girls are really enjoying all their new things. It makes me so happy to see them so happy. I have more pics coming from Nana's Christmas!


  1. SOOO sweet! I cannot wait to see more pics from momma K's!!!! Don't worry....Jack keeps saying Christmas is over, but I was thinking about it the other day, the "cousins" will still get to do a little mini Christmas:) Look forward to that sista!

  2. Gald you guys had a Merry Christmas! Where did you get those cute little chairs? I love that fabric!

  3. Mel I've been thinking about that! I can't wait:) I hope we can get a good pic of the cousins!
    Ash- thank you! I hope you guys had a great Christmas too! We got the chairs at big lots! I love the fabric too.