Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vaction to Cushing Park

   July 5th the girls and I went to Canton, Ga to a place called Cushing Park. We were welcomed by Uncle Dan, Auntie Meme, Auntie Kk, G and Jack Blu. They had been there for a couple of days before we got there. We had a nice vacation leading up to the day of Jack's 3rd birthday party at the end of the week. Josh of course was at work for the first few days, but he came up for the last part of the week.
    Kk and G stayed at the pool all day everyday. Which is where I would've been too, but Al and Sk have to have their two naps everyday or Mama will go crazy dealing with two cranky babies all day. Anyway, here are a few pics from our fun-filled vacation!

All the girls and Jack at the pool

Look at this cutie!

This little mermaid spent her days here at this pool!

Sweet smiles!

Presh! Kissing cousins!

This is mini me! She was attached to me the entire time!

Al thought she could just run back and forth by the pool!

Kk and Al taking a dip!

Sk had to take a break and eat some gold fish!

That's my hunny!

Chill time! Playing on our iphones!

Pretty girls!

There was a play ground here too!

That tongue always peeking out!

Again with the tongue!

Sk looks just like me here!

Our precious little family!

How cute is she in her little life jacket!

This girl loves to swing! She would sit here all day!

Yep! This is how we roll to the pool! Pack-n-play and all!
Sk loves to sit and play in her own little pool!

   As you can tell we had a blast! I was glad to come home and get back in a routine but honestly I could've stayed forever. I'm kind of sad it's over!
   Next I will have pics from Jack's birthday so stay tuned. You're gonna wanna see his awesome cake!

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