Friday, July 15, 2011

Umm Excuse Me? Where Did My Babies Go?

   Seriously what happened to my tiny babies? Last year at this time my babies where so tiny. They ate every two hours. They had me up at all hours of the night. In ways they were much easier. It was easier to pick them both up because they weighed 1/5th of what they do now. It was easier for me to get things done because they slept a lot more and I could just set them down in their bouncy seats or pack-n-play. They didn't move around like they do now that's for sure. Now I am constantly saying no and chasing them around. At least now they sleep through the night. Even though I feel like they are a lot harder to take care of now that they are mobile and into EVERYTHING and I do mean EVERYTHING, I wouldn't change them for the world. They are so much fun! Everyday I get so excited seeing all the new things they can do. They never cease to amaze me. They are so eager to learn. I love teach them. There is no better reward than seeing them do something new. I am so thankful for them! As much as they drive me crazy at times, I would never change anything about this life! They make me so happy. Even though I miss those tiny little newborns. At times I even miss being pregnant and their little kicks and hiccups. I wouldn't change this for anything! Just today Sophie sat in the floor for about 10 minutes stacking blocks and, when we were on the way to the grocery store she was turning the pages in her book and rambling as if she were actually reading. Aleah has a new thing where she stamps her feet during "If your happy and you know it". She used to clap the whole time and now she stamps her feet! It's too cute!  I am so very proud of them! Yeah I miss those babies but this whole toddler thing is so much fun! Here are a couple of pics of them from last year and a couple of pics of them from today:

Aleah almost 15 months old!

Aleah almost 3 months old!

Sophie almost 3 months old!

Sophie almost 15 months old!

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