Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aunt B's Moving Away

   The time has come that my great friend Brittany is moving away. I am sad she is leaving but at the same time I am really happy for her. She is going to get her grown up job since she has had her degree for a couple of years now, haha! She is going back to her stomping grounds, Anniston, AL. I am so proud of her. She's going home to be with her sweet mama and her grandparents. They all need her right now, so I must let her go. She's done her job here in Auburn. She's been there for me all the times I needed her. She is such a good wonderful friend. She will most definitely be missed by many! Did I mention what a wonderful aunt she is to Al and Sk? She has loved those babies from the minute (literally) they were born. They love her too! I look forward to taking the girls up to go see her and her family too.  I also look forward to her coming back down here to visit. Football season will be great this year since neither of us will be working in a restaurant and we can actually go tailgating, maybe even a game. I am so going to miss my going out partner. I don't really go out much anymore and it's looking like it will be even less now. Brittany was the one I always called on when I needed to get out. Pockets and Fat Daddy's are probably going to miss her as much as I am, haha! I could go on and on about Brittany and the times we've had but I am going to keep this short and sweet. So here's to my girl Brittany, I will miss you and I love you girl!

    I actually wrote this on July 21st and I am just now getting a chance to post. Sorry for the delay!

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