Saturday, October 1, 2011

My first Tutu

One of my very best friends, Heather, is getting ready for her precious baby boy's first birthday. She is doing a baby Mickey Mouse party for him since he loves Mickey Mouse. She printed out a couple of iron on Mickey's with a few of the kids names (Rush's bffs haha!), to iron on t-shirts.  So of course she gave me one for Al and Sk. So I decided to make a couple of tutus for the girls to wear with the shirts to make it look a little more girlie. I was telling Heather that's what I was going to do and she loved the idea and asked me to make her boyfriend's little girls one too. He has to precious little girls too. Heather is excited about all the cute pictures we are going to take of Rush with his pretty girlfriends. 

I never realized how easy making a tutu would be. 

Oh and it was so cheap for the tulle. 

You just can't get any cuter than that^.

 Don't be sad because I only have pictures of Sk in the tutu. You will get to see Al in my next post being my little model. I had them both outside in different outfits haha!

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