Saturday, October 22, 2011

To Meme's House We Go

The girls and I went to stay with Melanie, Jack and Dan for a few days at the first of this month.
 It was actually more than just a visit. I came to help Mel sew.
 She is taking a part in a Harvest Market at Jack's preschool. So I came to help her make some things.
 I will post pics of some cute things we made soon.
 In the mean time, enjoy these cuties having fun at their Aunt Meme and Uncle Dan's house, playing with their cousin Jack's toys.
 I am thinking that Santa Clause needs to bring my babies this little slide and swing for Christmas. They loved it!
They also really liked playing with Jack's monster trucks. Who's says trucks are just for boys?
Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the girls playing with their cousin Jack. By the time Jack and Mel got home at night it was crazy time. Trying to get dinner ready and 3 little ones fed and bathed and put to bed is hard work.  I just don't know how Melanie has time to do all that she does.

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