Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year we took the girls trick or treating for the first time!
 They actually really liked it. Originally I had planned on only staying out for 30 min or less but since they were having so much fun we stayed out over an hour.
 Aleah carried her pig around with her. She has been dragging it around everywhere lately.
 They really liked when people would let them pick out their candy. Al got milk duds from one house and carried them around for the rest of the time.
 Sophie really liked her bucket of candy. She cried when I took it away for two seconds so I could buckle her in he seat.
 I was really impressed when she told people bye every time we left a house.
 When we got home they played with their candy. They traded it back and forth between each other.
  We let them eat a reese's cup.
 They loved it!
 I am so glad they enjoyed Halloween so much.
 Josh and I really had fun taking them trick or treating.
 I am so proud of my babies.
I love  my precious family.


  1. Wow it is crazy how big they are all of the sudden. Seems like you just had them! They looked adorable glad they had a great time! Oh and we finally got our little guy to wear his Iron man suit at the last minute. LOL Crazy kid!

  2. Thank y'all! I know that's right Ashley. I can't belive how big they are. I can't wait to see K and E's costumes!

  3. Oh how cute were they! My twins are boys, and they dressed as Tom and Jerry this year. It was fun :-)

  4. Thank you! Tom and Jerry sounds adorable! I love it! How old are you they?