Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010: The First Thanksgiving

I have not been on here in a while because I just never seem to be able to find the time these days. It makes me sad. So I am going to try and do a few posts I've been wanting to write about. Hopefully I can get a few before the girls wake up:)

I miss these days!
They would just lay down and sleep where ever you put them.
This is the day I realized how much Sk loves dogs! I want to get them one so bad!!
Al with all her big boy cousins; Salter, Jimi, Matthew and Christian!
Sk with "Aunt" Karen!
Al and Mommy!!
Nana and Sk!!
Nana and Al!!
Nana feeding Sk baby food turkey! She hated it!!
I just can't believe they have grown so much...
Al didn't like the turkey either!!
I just can't believe they eat "people" food now. This year they got to eat real turkey;)
Oh how I miss these little chubby cheeks!!
My cousins Kelly and Holly with the girls. Holly is a twin too!

I really enjoyed that stroll down memory lane. So much can change in a year especially with babies!!

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