Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Night 2010

After we finished opening presents from Santa at our house we loaded up the car and headed to Nanny's house. While we were on our way it started snowing!! So the girls first Christmas was a white Christmas.

So when we finally got there the ground was covered in a blanket of snow and it was still snowing.
 I was so excited the girls first Christmas was a white one.
 We decided we must get pictures in the snow.
 Josh's mom (Nanny) went outside with us and took several pictures of all 4 of us.
 That makes these pictures that much more special. I sure do miss her.

 I really hope it snows sometime this year so the girls can play in it. Last year they were too little.

 Mema, G and Sk.
 Auntie Kk and Al (I think). From this angle and with a hat they could pass for identical haha!

We had such an awesome first Christmas last year! I am so glad Nanny was still here with us then. We all miss her so much! I wish I would have gotten some pics of her and the girls at Christmas.

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