Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm 2010 and 2011

When I was growing up we always had the tradition of going to get a real Christmas tree at a Christmas tree farm. My dad was a forester so of course we would get a real tree! That was my very favorite thing to do at Christmastime. Josh and his family used to go to a tree farm when he was little too. So we have definitely started the tradition with our family. We go to Gilbert's Tree Farm which is about 30 minutes from our house. 

This was 2010. The girls first Christmas. This tree farm is the one my dad used to take us too. Such a great feeling to take my girls there.
This is our tree we picked out!!
It was sooooo cold that day!!
Josh and Sk.
This year the girls walked. They did NOT want to be held at all.
It's hard to get a picture with both girls, especially with our phones!!
They were having so much fun walking everywhere and picking up rocks.
This is the tree we picked this year!! We always get Virgina pines. That's what my dad always got us!
The girls brought pig 1 and bear 1 (Aleah has 2 pigs she sleeps with and Sophie has 2 bears she sleeps with). They are very much a part of our family.
They love picking up rocks. They each took one home with them. I found them in the car a few days ago!
When the man came to cut the tree down for with the chainsaw the girls didn't even cry. Then he gave us a ride back on his little four wheeler thingy. Not sure what they are called lol.
I am so glad the girls had so much fun!!
My brother, Jeremiah and his wife, Tiffany and my nephew, Seth meet us out there and they got their tree too!
The girls were worn out after all that running around.
I love this picture of Joshy and his baby girls. So sweet!! (Thanks Kk)

I am getting too excited about Christmas this year! I love all the festivities that lead up until Christmas. We still haven't taken the girls to see Santa yet but have plans to do that Monday!!! I hope they aren't scared of him!!


  1. Awesome pics! I think it is very special that you guys all still go to the tree farm that Jerry use to take you to. Hopefully when the girls, seth, and savannah grow up they will take their children there too. If they still live there. I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!!! Oh and i forgot to tell you...not sure if you are aware but this week is giveaway week at Hundreds of awesome bloggers are joing in with everything from crafted items to fabric as giveaways. I thought about holding a giveaway but with just having my wisdom teeth removed and all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I decided to wait until next year. I think all the giveaways are open until Friday. Again i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas and tell Kay we said merry Christmas too!

  2. Thank you!! I hope they will all keep that tradition!! Savannah didn't go with us this year bc she was with Brianna somewhere I think. Do y'all use a real tree or artificial??? I saw that there were a lot of giveaways going on. I wish I could get in on that but I have had my hands full lately. This time of year is too busy.But I would love to get in on that next year. I started an etsy shop:) But mostly the girls have been keeping me so very busy. I am sad I never even have time to blog;/How have y'all been? btw I love love LOVE that wreath you made. It's so freakin cute!!! Oh and I hope your mouth gets better soon... You and your family have a merry Christmas too! And I will tell mom!!!

  3. We are fakers! I know, I know, we should do a real tree but my Rotti would pee on it every chance he got. LOL Yay! You started a shop should def. email me the link to your shop when you get a chance. I meant you should sign up to win some of the giveaways. I am surprised you have time to sew with those two little cuties let alone be a giver in the giveaway palooza. I did enter a few of the giveaways for some really cute fabric. Fingerscrossed! We have been great, the boys are counting down the days until santa arrives. We do not put out one present under the tree until after they are asleep on Christmas eve so my excitement is growing to see their faces. We tried to explain the meaning of Christmas to Korbin and now he is telling everyone everday is jesus's birthday. Silly boy. Thanks for the wreath love! i have a tree skirt in the works now. I hope it turns out just a good. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Well there is nothing wrong with a fake tree!! What is your email address? I still didn't sign up for any of those giveaways. Are they still going on? Yeah it is hard to find time to do anything. I feel like the girls are sick constantly;( we don't put presents out until Christmas Eve either. My parents never did when I was growing up either. I don't understand why some people do. How is a kid going to believe in Santa if the presents have been under the tree the whole time lol. I am getting so excited about this Christmas. The girls are gonna LOVE it! I can't wait to see their faces!! That is so cute of Korbin!! I can't wait to see your tree skirt. I was gonna make one but never got around to it. I swear if I didn't need to sleep I would get some much more done lol. You guys have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year too!!!

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