Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we went to Josh's Mema's for Thanksgiving. The girls had been sick with a stomach virus for several days before Thanksgiving:( Luckily, by Thanksgiving they were well!!

Al and me waiting to eat!!
My sweet fam!!!
Aunt Meme and Sk!!
Al churning butter!! I have one of Sk churning butter too but I think it's on my phone!
Eating some yummy Thanksgiving food!!
We ended up letting them eat first because everything wasn't quite ready and it was nap time! At least they got to eat real food this year!
My sweetie!!
We all, at some point ,had these glasses on. I def have more pics on my phone that I need to upload.
That's the sweetest face in the world besides Al and Sk!!
I couldn't resist this pic. Sweet little smile. The little thing took her hair down...
Yum!! Mema's banana pudding!
So proud of Sk for using her spoon. Al uses hers sometimes but she knows she can get more with her hand!
See she knows how too! She just usually chooses not to.
After we ate and everyone napped we went to see Nana!!
She was so happy we all came to see her!!

This year we were missing someone very near and dear to all of our hearts, Josh's mommy. Please keep Josh and his sisters, Kelly and Meanie and their mema in your prayers this time of year especially. It's always so hard the first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Losing a parent is not easy.  It just wasn't quite the same without her but she was in Heaven enjoying an even better meal with my dad and Jesus:)

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