Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Claus

Today we took the girls to sit on Santa's lap. I felt like there were many factors going against us. One their age. They are at the age where the don't like most people, you know stranger danger. Ha! Two Sk wasn't feeling the best today. So she was tired and cranky. Three they don't like to be held and they don't like to sit in their stroller. Al was really great about holding Josh's hand but Sk fought me and stopped and pitched "mini" fits. We had to walk through Dillard's to get to Santa. Luckily once we got in line they were well behaved. The guy that was in front of us let us go first! He was too kind. I love that there are still people that have the Christmas spirit!!! 

This was last year, well obviously... They weren't smiling but they didn't mind sitting in Santa's lap. They both have their tongues out. Ha!

This year was another story. They weren't having it!!! Poor 'ole St. Nick!!!

I am so happy to have this memory!!!

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