Monday, December 19, 2011

December Day at the Park

Josh and I took the girls to the doctor a few days ago. It was nothing serious, the doctor just wanted to check their ears and make sure they weren't infected anymore. Al still had an ear infection but she seemed fine.

So on the way home I said we should go to the park.

We were almost home so instead of the usual park we go to (I will post pics from the day before at the other park),we went to one right down the road from our house. 
 I think this park is BEAUTIFUL!
 I got some really great pics there. I love to take pictures outside...

...Even though most of them are of the backs of Josh and the girls!
 Sophie would walk two feet and play in the gravel. That is all she wanted to do.
 Al had to see what her sister was doing.
 I think they liked going to this park better than going to the one with swings and slides!
 They felt like such big girls walking around by themselves.
 This is my favorite picture of Josh and Al. She was trying to be like daddy.

I love this one a lot too! They were skipping rocks. Sk loves picking up rocks. She had so many in those little bitty hands.
The best part of the whole thing was when we got there and got the girls out, the started chasing a dog that two ladies were walking. 
 Poor babies love doggies. They both started saying "Dog, dog". I wish we could get them dog. Hopefully one day we will. 
You see who the leader is, ha ha! Al is pretty much always in charge!
 We tried for a sit down pic with daddy but they didn't want to sit!!
They cooperated a little better with mommy because we sat on a swing. They love to swing!

We had so much fun at this park. We have even been back since then and plan to make this a regular thing!

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