Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The First Time Taigating

    Al and Sk tailgated the first time last year. It was LSU vs. Auburn! We really had such an awesome time introducing our little bundles of joy to the Auburn tradition. Getting to do those things with our girls really makes me want to stay here in Auburn forever.  I really would love to raise my girls here. It's so awesome living here and feeling the Auburn spirit! I would love for the girls to experience that. There's nothing like game day. Here are the pictures from that lovely day of tailgating last year!

   Last Saturday, after the Auburn/Miss St. game, I took Al and Sk tailgating. My cousin Adam, who lives in NOLA, drives up for every Auburn game. We went and tailgated with him and some great people that we met through him.
Sadly all the pics of me I am wearing glasses.
   My friends Heather and Chris went with me. Chris is an Alabama fan but he came along anyway. I am so glad they came because they helped me with the girls.
Aubie! Someone is holding there LSU hate in front of him.
    It was hard work taking the girls. They cannot ever be still. Al was running one way and Sk was running in the complete opposite direction.
Precious Aleah
   I really do enjoy taking them tailgating because it'll be a great story when there older but I don't know if I can take them to many more games this year. Haha! It would probably not be as bad if Josh is there next time.
Precious Sophie
    It was really fun and I am glad we got to go for a little while. I was just really worn out after we got home and for the whole next day.
If you look hard enough you will see Cam!
    Josh and I are going to try and go to the next home game when we play Florida Atlantic. He just so happens to be off work that weekend.
I can't believe how muh Sk's hair has grown.
    We are getting a babysitter for sure if we do go to that game. Haha!
I love this!
   Also, I think we may be going to the Florida game too. Meme and Dan were talking about coming to that one.
My cousin Adam!
   I am sorry for all my rambling. I am just so excited that it's football season. I get excited when I think about tailgating and going to games.
My Aunt Linda!
   Especially when it gives me a little break from my little Frick and Frack. Just Kidding! I love them!
We also got the chance to hang out with one of my best friends Lucy!
    Anyway I hope you enjoyed the pics of my little babies. Man I can't believe how little they were last year.
I miss this girl! She lives in ATL.

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