Monday, September 19, 2011

The Things That They Do

I have  been meaning to write all these things down lately, so I figured I would just blog about it. What better way to do it? Anyway, here are a few of the cutesy things done by Al and Sk:
    1. Sophie loves to give her "sissy" hugs. Except now not only does she hug her she tackles her. Aleah thinks its so funny. They end up wrestling and rough housing for a little bit but not in a boy way, in a cute baby girl kind of way. It's cute and funny!
     2. They both love having conversations with me and they like to talk on the phone. They talk to my mom a lot. Ma is good at having phone conversations with them. Sk especially loves to talk on the phone.  Then when I am having a conversation with them, they talk their little jibberish and I respond with something off the wall. We keep it going as if it's a real conversation. To us it is real. I love their sweet little voices.
    3. Aleah has been bringing me books when I ask her to. I usually ask her to "bring mama a book" before bed. She will go pick out a book and climb into the rocking chair into my lap. Sometimes without me even asking her she brings a book to me and climbs in my lap. They both love books which is great because that's what I want for them. I someimes see them sitting in the floor just flipping through a book. Sophie even "reads" out loud.
    4. Sophie can tell me where her head, mouth, ears and belly button are. She can also touch her toes. Aleah can tell me where her head, eyes, mouth and nose are. I believe they both know all of them but only choose to answer correctly for those few haha!
    5. They can both blow kisses. It's oh too sweet! They can both give me big, wide mouthed kisses. The best wettest kisses in the world. I haven't asked for one for the past week due to them having strep but we are almost back in business for the kisses. They give me the best, squeezyest hugs ever. Yeah, I know squeezyest is not a word but, that is the best way to describe those sweet hugs. Those hugs melt my heart.
    6. Yesterday, they discovered they could climb up their highchairs. Let's see, I blame Aleah because she did it first. Sophie saw her and decided she should give it a try. Ugh! In one way I am proud of them for climbing that high and sitting correctly in their highchairs. Mostly, I am annoyed and worried. I don't want them to fall from that high up on that hard floor. I also don't want them climbing onto the counters from there. They can find knives and all kinds of bad things if they get up that high. Between the kitchen table, the blinds and the highchairs I am about ready to get rid of any and all of our furniture and just sit in the floor. I say the blinds because they climb onto the couch everyday and the first thing they go for is the blinds. They only do it for my reaction. They think it's funny when I tell them no. I don't get it!
     7. Sophie can dance to the Wiggles "Rock a Bye Your Bear". I am so impressed by this. She does all the little moves. I can even sing it to her myself and she will do the moves. Aleah does her little "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"dance. I have that one on a video. It's on an earlier post. They impress me with their dancing skills. I can't wait to get them in ballet lessons.
    8. Aleah likes to lay on top of me on the couch. She will just lay there for the longest time. I love our little cuddly time. Occasionally they will both get up on the couch and lay with me and watch a little TV. I love cuddling on the couch with my little snuggle bunnies. I have to cherish those little moments because for the most part they cannot be still. 
    They were both on top of me!
     9. Aleah can say a whole sentence. She says "I did it!" and it counts as a three word sentence. Even though originally she was just rambling some jibber jabber and something she said sounded like "I did it." But now I will say "Aleah say I did it" and she will spit out this little sentence. Seriously, she says it. Whether she knows what it means is beside the point. I will try to get a video up of her saying it.

    10.They come with me when I say "who's ready for a nap". Also, when I say "Let's go take a bath" or "Let's go bye bye". I love that they can follow simple commands. It let's me know that my girls are pretty smart cookies.
    11. I love that they both LOVE their blankets. Every morning when I go get them out of their cribs they both have their  blankies in hand, which adds an extra 10 pounds to my load. My hands are already full enough and now I have big blankets covering my face so I can't even see where I am going. I wouldn't change it for the world though. I think it is sweet they love their blankies like that. As long as they keep loving me more than we are doing just fine. Oh and just FYI Aleah loves her blankie a little bit more than Sophie. Just a little something I've noticed from observation.
    12. This is one of my faves. Last night Sk fell face first into a chest in their room (this part is not my fave) and she started crying of course. I went over and picked her up and tried to comfort her. Aleah spotted where I had put the paci's and she quickly grabbed hers and ran over to give Soph her paci. It was such a sweet moment. Al knew her sis was hurt and she knew that if she was hurt and crying she would want her paci too. That's not the only time I have seen that happen. I have seen Sk be the one to bring Al her paci when she was crying too. I have seen them bring each other their paci's quite a few times. They really love each other. It really warms my heart to see such an act of kindness towards each other.
    13. I have such helpful little tots on my hands. The other day I was doing some laundry. As soon as I open the dryer two baby girls always run up and try to jump in. They are amazed by the dryer and also the dishwasher, but I will get to that in a minute. So I thought maybe i could ask them to help. I had read before that toddlers like to help. So I grabbed some clothes out of the washer and handed them to each baby and asked them to put them in the dryer for me. It worked! I was so impressed. Also, every time I open the dishwasher, once again I have two little ones run up and try to climb on the door (which drives me nuts) and try to grab everything out (which also gets to me). I have to make the best of the situation so I grab the silverware out (so they don't grab knives) and they start grabbing out plates and I ask them to "give mama the plate" and they hand them to me and I start putting them away. They continue to grab stuff out and hand it to me. It's nice to have a few extra hands even if it slows the whole process down a bit haha!

     14.  A couple of days ago we walked into the bathroom for bath time (which happens to be a pretty chaotic time for me) and Al grabbed their toothbrushes which happened to be pretty close to the edge of the sink. She handed Sk hers and they began brushing their own teeth. I was pretty impressed. They were both really brushing their teeth and not just chewing on the toothbrush. Of course I re-brushed them later with toothpaste. 
    These 2 pics aren't from the tooth brushing in the story. These are a few months old. 
     15. Lastly, for today anyway, last week sometime Aleah reached up and got my cup of milk of the table. There wasn't very much in it luckily but she didn't spill it anyway. She drank it! I was very impressed with her grown up cup skills. So I decided it would not hurt a thing if I let them practice drinking out of a "big girl cup" as long as we stayed in the kitchen. Al is a professional at drinking from a "big girl cup", Sophie on the other hand wanted to stick her hands in the cup. When Sk did actually drink it she did good though. She practices in the bathtub a lot.
      Okay, that's all for now. I am sure I will think of more of those things that they do for next time.


    1. oh I love hearing about all of their little milestones! They are getting so big! Meme misses them:) Can't wait to see ya'll- hopefully soon!

    2. Thank you meme!! We love to hear about little Jack too! We sure do miss your little family!!! Love you!!