Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grocery Shopping Trip

Today, I took the girls shopping all by myself. I must say I am quite proud of myself. That was the first time I have ever taken them grocery shopping without Josh with us. Don't get me wrong we go other places that we don't need a shopping cart for. I am not completely incapable of taking them anywhere. Grocery shopping is just a big challenge for me with two tiny tots in tow. It was a challenge, but in the end I felt really great about it.

First off, I had to get us all ready, but believe me I am a professional at that now. I know exactly what I have to do. It really only took an hour to get everyone fed, dressed, packed, and out the door. Before I decided on what everyone was going to wear I went outside to see what it felt like. It was a little chilly, so I decided to put long sleeves under the girls Auburn pillowcase dress/shirt. (Al has a pillowcase shirt with pants.) I even put tights under Sk's dress. So we get outside and get in the car and it is HOT! I hate the weather sometimes. I mean pick one or the other. So I pulled of all their hot underclothes and after about 5 more minutes got them hooked into their seats. I had to run back in and get different shoes for all three of us. Then finally we were off to Kroger!

We have to go to Kroger in Tiger Town, which is a little farther away from us than all the other stores, but they are the only place in the Auburn/Opelika area with double shopping carts! I mean, not even Walmart has them. It's totally cool though because I really like that Kroger. So we get to Kroger and I parked beside a shopping cart return area that has a double shopping cart parked in it. It takes me about 5 min to get the covers but on the carts and the girls loaded and buckled in.

As soon as we get into Kroger, Sophie starts acting up. She turned around in her seat and tried so hard to get out. She started being all whiny. I am thinking great, just great, we haven't even got the first grocery in the cart and we are already about to have to leave. I get so worried when we are out that they will pitch an ugly fit. I embarrass way too easy. I have been reading all these horror stories of how it will eventually happen, because it happens to every parent, the tantrum in the grocery store episode. Also, I already can't stand when people stare. It makes my nerves bad. I know that as soon as it happens everyone in the store is going to stare at me and my little ones and shake their heads at us. Ugh! I dread that. Anyway, Al and Sk are pretty good for the most part and really today went well. I calmed Sophie down. I let her hold my pen and list for the most part and when that quit working I let them hold canned items, as long as they didn't put their mouths on it. We made it through the store in about 30 minutes. It wasn't so bad at all. We only had one lady stop to ask about the girls being twins. She wanted to know how old they were and what their names were. She asked me if they were identical. Ha! That was after she distinguished they had different color hair. She just couldn't believe it when I told her they were fraternal. She said that was so unlikely because usual only boys were fraternal. Hmm.. Never heard that one. I believe that is false, but anyway she was sweet.

Yeah, I am proud of that accomplishment. I think it's acceptable to be proud of myself whenever I take the girls anywhere by myself. They are a more than a handful. That is for sure!


  1. At their age, just one is a challenge! Kudos to you for getting them both in and out! Good job mama!