Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Need to Get Out Of This House

Okay, so the girls and I sit at the house entirely too much. I want to find a Mommy's day out program to give me a break and to give them other kids their age to play with. I only have one friend that I hang out with that has a baby their age. I would also like to have a mommy and me class. I want to meet other parents. I want friends with kids their age. I want my girls to have friends. If we had a class or something fun like that it would give us reason to leave the house. When Josh is off work we try to go do fun things like the park or go for a walk. Most days we sit home and I turn the toddler music channel on the TV. They also watch a few programs on Sprout. I am starting to feel like it's too much TV though. I really have been trying to keep it on music mostly. Well hopefully I will nip this in the bud soon. I have been calling and emailing places about mommy's day out all day. Maybe I will find out more tomorrow. As for the mommy and me classes I have been looking at this Auburn mommies program. They meet up once or twice a week for a playgroup and then they have a mommy's night out once a month. Sounds interesting... Anyway, wish me luck on finding the right places for me and my little ones!!
Playing at the park a couple of weeks ago!


  1. Check Your local library. They usually have story time fort he kiddos and most of them have info on a mommy and me. My local library has a mommy and me thing there.

  2. Yeah you are absolutely right. I ran across some story times at our library. I was telling Josh I should take them there. I don't think they have a mommy and me at ours though. I ll check anyway.

  3. You are on the right track sister. Google MOPS and see if there is something in your area ( Moms of Preschoolers). Leigh Anne has made lots of friends there. The church mother's day outs are the thing...good luck! I mailed your rompers this morning!